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Generation Cult

Welcome to Generation Cult, an interview show about people born and/or raised in closed, high demand, authoritarian groups also known as cults.  

Apr 14, 2023

Tamara grew up in a Sufi polygamist organization in the US and England. Her father joined the group when she was 5 and she soon found herself torn between a somewhat "normal" life with her mother and a bizarre, hard-working communal lifestyle with her dad. Deemed a "special child" by her father's group, she was sent to live with the leader, who put her to work caring for young children and cooking and cleaning in his mansion alongside his multiple wives.

At age 12, Tamara got married -- a spotty relationship that lasted until she was 20. But when her husband wanted to follow the polygamist practices of the group, she left.

On the Season 3 Finale of Generation Cult, Tamara chats with Dhyana and Ashlen about her life and the important role education played in her recovery from abuse. We'll discuss the culture of polygamist groups and what it was like to get married as a tween.

Thank you for listening to this season of Generation Cult!

***This episode contains discussions of child abuse

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